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Julian Burnside vs Justice Stefan Lindskog

I was sent an audio recording of Julian Burnside’s speech last night at the University of Adelaide. It was pretty low volume but I’ve manage to make most of it clear and audible. It is regrettable that more professionally generated documentation of the other voices in the debate with Justice Stefan Lindskog of the Supreme Court of Sweden has not be made available. How is it a debate at all, one might ask, when the organisers live stream ONLY one side of it? Continue reading

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Wikileaks and the ‘Underground’ Party Tour – don’t miss it!

Of particular note was the solidarity expressed by the filmmakers and cast with their subject. No surprise, given the track record of award-winning director, Rob Connolly, in making politically conscious films, such as ‘Balibo’, and ‘The Bank’, where the gap between art and life has merely been widened to protect the innocent. Rob muses as I quote Alexa O’Brian’s fleeting tweet: “We don’t need any more Hollywood film scripts. We need transcripts of what’s actually happening in the court room”, and we are both reminded of Assange’s recent gripes regarding the proposed opening scenes of ‘The Fifth Estate’. A sequel to ‘Underground’ is apparently not out of the question… Continue reading

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‘Saucy Sydney’ MARDI GRAS PARADE for Manning & Assange

The fabulous ‘Saucy Sydney’ Mardi Gras parade for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange Continue reading

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Sydney Gay Mardi Gras photos

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Best of Wikileaks 2012

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Jemima Khan Jumps on the Anti-Assange Bandwagon

Kahn does not acknowledge that from the beginning the police COMPLETELY IGNORED due process in this case. The two women AA and SW were interviewed together when they should have been separated. The interview was not recorded as required for such cases. The written summary of the interview of SW was never signed, so it cannot be used as evidence in any trial. The interview and the charge against Julian was immediately leaked to the press, in violation of Swedish privacy laws.

And later, AA submitted the condom allegedly used by Julian Assange which, when tested, contained no chromosomal DNA; indicating that it had never been used in a sexual act. It did show evidence however, of having been torn by a fingernail. Submitting false evidence is a crime, even in Sweden. Continue reading

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Assange and the Attack on the Republic of Ecuador

The following startling revelations are from the source Rixstep, a constellation of programmers and support staff from Radsoft Laboratories. The article was written by Sergio di Cori Modigliani and reedited by Sandhya Jain., after a Google translation. Today we talk of … Continue reading

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Daniel Ellsberg on the importance of leaking and how so few people do, even when they should, from a moral or legal standpoint. Whether bound by contract, oath, fear, loyalty, kinship or simply the herding instinct – the tendency to … Continue reading

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Christmas at DFAT

Even though the forensic exculpatory evidence has been available for well over two years, the British appeal process has excluded the details of the case as irrelevant, and Assange’s defence has had to focus only on the legality of the European Arrest Warrant paperwork. Australian Diplomats continue to advise Julian to “Just go to Sweden” (and hopefully get it over with), while claiming no knowledge of a US Grand Jury, cables they received describing an investigation “unprecedented in scale and nature”, and a sealed indictment that awaits only Asange’s placement in custody – anywhere – to be opened. Continue reading

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Look out “Unelected Senator”

“In Australia, an unelected Senator will be replaced by one that IS elected.” Continue reading

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