DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? with Gary Lord – #jaraparilla

DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? with Gary LORD – #Jaraparilla from CaTV on Vimeo.

My name is Gary Lord. I live on the Gold Coast with my wife and three kids, and I am just one of many WikiLeaks volunteers around the world. I contribute to the WikiLeaks Central and WikiLeaks Forum websites, and I also support WikiLeaks on Twitter and on my blog.

So… WHY do I support WikiLeaks and Julian Assange?

To use an Americanism, I think it’s a GAME-CHANGER. And it comes at a CRITICAL juncture in our history.

Our governments are becoming increasingly unaccountable. Big Business lobbies BOTH sides of the corridors in Canberra. And our MEDIA have been failing in their duty to inform us about critically important issues.

I believe WikiLeaks can change this.

The technology now exists for people around the globe – people like you and me – to communicate, to share information, and to see the TRUTH for ourselves.

The question NOW is how that technology will be used. Will we use it to open up our governments, to ensure that our decision-making processes are more transparent, and to build a better world for our children?

Or will we watch in SILENCE as our governments turn that same technology against us, citing our own SECURITY as justification?

For example, let’s look at IRAQ. We were TOLD that Iraq had – or was on the VERGE of acquiring – deadly weapons of Mass Destruction. Millions of Iraqis are now DEAD, wounded or displaced.

It was OBVIOUS to anybody paying attention that the INTELLIGENCE used to justify that invasion was being manipulated. But our governments and the media ridiculed such claims as “Conspiracy Theories”. Those who spoke up were silenced.

Now the REAL conspiracy has been exposed. But who has been held accountable for this disaster?


Why are we still in Afghanistan?

80% of Australians don’t want to be there, but our two major parties both refuse to even consider withdrawing troops. Why is that? Julia Gillard can’t even give us a coherent answer.

But we all know the truth – we are there because the USA is there. And now we are getting more US troops in Darwin. We are becoming the 51st State.

How do we Australians FEEL about that? How do we feel about our government’s failure to support Palestinians at the UN?

Do we even get a SAY in these decisions?


What about Global Warming?

Another area where government and the media have conspired to hide critically important FACTS, at the behest of Big Business. The FACTS were always there, for anybody with the TIME to look.

But WHO HAS THE TIME to trawl through scientific documents and centuries of climate records?

That’s not YOUR job, is it? That’s what our government and our media are supposed to do. Right?

What about the Global Financial Crisis? How on Earth did that happen?

Once again, Big Business greed has run out of control, government accountability has been side-passed, and the media has remained largely silent.

Who is accountable? Nobody.

And yet… who pays for all these failures? You and me. The taxpayers.

It doesn’t HAVE to be this way.

WikiLeaks can change things, if WE can only support them.

I believe that we need to ASSIGN AN ECONOMIC VALUE TO THE TRUTH.

The markets won’t do that, because they like to manipulate the truth for profits.

Our governments won’t do that, because they are beholden to Big Business.

And the media won’t do that because – as we have seen – they have also been co-opted.

So it’s up to us, ORDINARY people like you and me.

By supporting WikiLeaks, we can show OUR support for the TRUTH. And in turn, WikiLeaks can CONTINUE to reveal truths that our governments and their Big Business backers might prefer to hide.

PLEASE do whatever YOU can to support Julian Assange and WikiLeaks at this critical time.

Thank you.

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  1. Matisse says:

    Well said. Time and again we, the common people, are forced to pay for the secretive and duplicitous misuse of power held by governments and big businesses.

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