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Andrew Partos – The Man who Rang

Making his television debut on ABC’s QandA, Andrew Partos leads with two questions about Julian Assange to a panel that includes Australia’s Attorney General Nicola Roxon and Jeffrey Robinson QC. If given a third chance to speak, he would have … Continue reading

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Clark Stoeckley: WIKI TRUCKIN’ MAN

I took a trip to NYC and dropped in on artist Clark Stoeckley to talk about his adventures in The Wikileaks Truck. Clark relates how he was arrested on the truck’s first day out and interrogated by secret service; how … Continue reading


DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? with Gail MALONE, Peace Activist

I saw a photo of Christine Assange protesting outside of Julia Gillard’s office – a solitary mother with her sign… I was so impressed. Then the opportunity came to take the bus to Canberra. I knew I had to be … Continue reading

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“Thin air” thick with political intent?

I draw attention to what would seem to be another, somewhat related fabrication by Expressen, in conjunction with three other tabloid newspapers, as scrutinised by Professor Marcello de Noli. It’s curiously a very long story… Continue reading

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