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“Australian Government Crisis!” say We the People…

50,000 people have just rallied across Australia to protest the Abbott Government’s extreme Budget cuts and levies. It appears that all three of the other major Parties have been shocked into contemplating an Alliance to block the Budget and remove the government, whose choices have almost exclusively threatened the country’s most vulnerable: the young, the old, the sick, the poor, students, refugees and the environment. Continue reading

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Palantir Technologies – The Philosopher’s Stoned

Palantir Technologies, is a premium Silicon Valley start-up, whose business it’s been to write clever software to track your digital footprints, and then JOIN THE DOTS to predict who you are, and where you might go next. Its directors are Peter Thiel, Mr Paypal-Facebook, and Alex Karp an “eccentric philosopher” who has turned their Palo Alto head-quarter into a replica of The Shire. If it sounds like a fairy story, it’s not. Palantir’s software has been labelled the KILLER APP. It was used to hunt down and murder Osama Bin Laden. Continue reading

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SPIES IN THE SKIES – Wars Crimes Alert for Australia

Our Intelligence Facility at Pine Gap is jointly run, and shares its SIGINT (signals intelligence) with another nation: the US. It’s supposed to be an open exchange, not only with the US, but other countries that form the 5 Eyes group: Canada, the UK and New Zealand. But history has shown that exchange to be uneven in nature, with the US Executive ultimately deciding what information will be shared. By contrast, our Prime Ministers have never been allowed to enter the building at Pine Gap. Continue reading