DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? with John Pilger

DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? – with John PILGER from CaTV on Vimeo.

One of the things that almost has never come out of the generally appalling media coverage of Julian and Wikileaks, is the REASON for Wikileaks.

It had a moral base. It was about Justice. He wrote it on the home page of the first Wikileaks. It wasn’t necessarily finally defined, but to use that expression… he nailed his colours and the colours of Wikileaks to the mast.

This was going to be about Justice. It was about seeking Justice through letting people KNOW what is going on.

John Pilger, December 2011

3 Responses to DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? with John Pilger

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  2. ania says:

    john pilger and julian assange make me have faith in australia, there is still hope.

  3. yolanda says:

    This is important stuff, ‘seeking justice through letting people know what is going on’ …. ‘Knowledge and power to act’.

    Yet, people want to hide their heads and pretend all is well, via popular TV shows, entertainment and general social scenes, people want to only hear good news. Ignorance is bliss seems to be the diet.

    What a shame we don’t heed the warnings and believe the whistleblowers. Too much trust has been placed in authority, we are blinded by lies spoken with smiles and fake voices of sincerity.

    If there is a God, which I believe there is, we need his help, because we are being manipulated and our freedom limited until we are prisoners , held bound to unagreed laws and rules.

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