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Renata Avila’s leaks in danger

Oh dear. The worst part went unsaid. With American-owned GoDaddy in the middle and reports of “Openleaks doing strange things with SSL”, it would appear that their site is NOT SECURE. Continue reading

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Cameron’s cockney looters don’t realise they’ll be paying for it later…

This hilarious, well-produced sketch from MOTHERS BEST CHILD portrays a couple of typically cockney “cheeky chappies” looting the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street. The comedy team is comprised of Guy Davidson, Danny Clarke, and “friends”, and they offer … Continue reading

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The Battleship Monsanto

Money makes the world go warm;
The planet’s getting angry.
Laboratories have drawn the blind.
The rats are always hungry…

Monsanto rules the waves tomorrow,
Unless we sink her ship… Continue reading

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Happy to have front row seats…

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas Sydney Opera House 1-2 Oct 2011 Assange + Zisek…

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