Renata Avila’s leaks in danger

Renata Avila

Renata Avila speaks out about Daniel Domsheit Berg

Central American information and human rights lawyer Renata Avila has written an open letter regarding her relationship with Wikileaks. She relates her times with Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg, her entrustment of whistle-blower material to Wikileaks, and what has gone wrong since…

“Before leaving I gave WikiLeaks some documents detailing proof of torture and government abuse of a Latin America country. The documents were only in hard copy. I entrusted those valuable documents – the only copy available – to Wikileaks because of the expertise of the people running it, their procedures and the mechanisms they used to maximize impact when published. I did not intend to give such material to Mr. Domscheit-Berg personally, as was made clear to him by me at the time. My intention was to give it to the platform I trusted and contributed to; to WikiLeaks. The material has not been published and I am disturbed to read public statements by Mr. Domscheit-Berg in which he states that he has not returned such documents to WikiLeaks. “

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Oh dear. The worst part went unsaid. With American-owned GoDaddy in the middle and reports of  “Openleaks doing strange things with SSL”, it would appear that their site is NOT SECURE.

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