Sister Susan Connelly speaks out for Australia’s Refugees

Sister Susan Connelly delivered a moving and instructive speech yesterday to 4000 rain-drenched Sydney-siders, who had come to the Palm Sunday rally to show their support for Australia’s refugees. Susan is one of the five Sisters of St Joseph, who have taken up Saint Mary MacKillop’s East Timor Mission to bring basic education to the children of East Timor.

Australians have become distraught at the harsh treatment of its refugees, and are coming out increasing numbers to tell their Government to free these people from their seemingly endless incarceration in Detention Centres. Fourteen church congregations and school-children have now joined the protest, following the brutal attack on detainees by locals and G4S contractors on Manus Island, resulting in over 70 people being injured, and the death of Reza Barati. Many of the protestors were outside Villawood Detention Centre last week, as numerous buses took the refugees away to the remotest areas of the continent.

The official spiel is that Villawood is to be refurbished, but the simultaneous emptying of the Maribyrnong Facility in Victoria, and recent sightings of baby cots arriving at the offshore Camp on Nauru – there are no babies, yet – suggests a general move. One can only guess, since the Abbott Government has made its mission Top Secret. Department staffers have been warned that they may neither speak about “operational matters” nor criticise the Government; and that they should report anyone who disobeys the order.

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters recently complained that access to off-shore facilities has even been denied to the UN and our own human rights commissioner, Gillian Triggs.

Out of sight, Mr Abbott, but certainly NOT out of mind…

Sister Susan Connelly speaks out for Australian Refugees

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NOT A FUNNY SUBJECT… Stand-up comedian Carlo Sands on Australia’s Refugees

Carlo Sands is a sharp, well-informed political comedian who crafts laughter from the absurdities of Left and Right

Rod Quantock

You can hear more from Carlo Sands in ‘Carlo’s Corner’ of Green Left Weekly and at comedy events around Sydney. Through his act, Carlo is able to bring a more poignantly moral dimension to the facts, and some comic relief to the gravitas of the day…

Music: “Pot Screama” by TISM

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Young Australians devastated over refugee treatment


Anger rises to fever pitch among the young, including High School students, as Villawood Detention Centre is emptied of its Asylum Seekers. Busloads were taken yesterday, and earlier this week, to the bleak and remote Curtin and Northam Camps in Western Australia; presumably, to be forgotten.

Australian High School students angry over Refugee Treatment

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has withdrawn the detainees’ rights to free legal assistance, and contact with the Australian public has been effectively terminated, since the refugees will be relocated well out of mobile phone range. There have been reports of self-harm from one refugee, Iman Najari, who had been told two years ago that he was going to be released. A fellow inmate tells his story:

“A tragic day for Australia. Human rights abuse of innocent asylum seekers just escalating. I have been visiting Iman Najari at Villawood for three years. He is stateless Kurdish Iranian, who fled Iran in fear of his life from religious fundamentalists.

He is a beautiful young man, gentle, respectful, helpful and liked by everyone, detainees, guards, and his friends. He has been in refugee prison in Australia for nearly five years and told me himself, he has seen seven people die in Villawood.

Serco authorities told him in April 2012 and then again around Easter last year, he was to be released. But it never happened. He went on a hunger strike for 14 days last year, simply to demand they explain to him why he was still in detention. They wouldn’t give an answer.

Iman only learned on Monday he was to be transferred to WA., ripping him away from his girlfriend Amelia and his whole support network of TEAR Villad people. He attempted suicide by cutting his wrists yet they still took him.”
Alexandre McCrae, refugee activist at Villawood Detention Centre

I'm devastated that we couldn't save the people that have been shipped out to the desert today

The young activists will be meeting again soon, on Palm Sunday, April 13th, at a Rally Hyde Park North in Sydney, where they will “Declare Peace on Refugees”. Join them. Their undiluted passion and empathy brings hope…

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EVENT: BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND by David Bradbury, Friday March 28

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to see David Bradbury’s shocking 2005 documentary BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND Friday March 28 in Melbourne.

SCREENING: Friday March 28 at 6.15pm, AMWU, 251 Queensberry Street, Carlton South, Victoria (Australian Manufacturing Workers Union)
see map

For further information, visit the WACA website.

The occasion is a FUNDRAISER to bring the Iraq War Veteran and anti-war activist VINCE EMANUELE, back to Australia for a second national tour. Vince Emanuele is a former US Marine of two tours to Iraq, who refused to go again by laying down his weapon. He is now organiser for the Michigan chapter of Veterans for Peace and serves on the national board of directors of Iraq Veterans Against War. He hosts the Veterans Unplugged program on Radio WMS, Michigan.

Vince blew us away last year with his eloquent and heart-wrenching accounts of being a soldier in Iraq, and coming home with a whole new vision of war – as horror. He speaks out against the US war machine; blowing the whistle on the United States military and the American culture of warfare.

Vince Emanuele will be speaking next month at the Canberra Peace Convergence, which is taking place at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, Old Parliament House Lawns, 21 – 26 April. He’ll also be touring Melbourne and Sydney, and making network guest appearances. The screening of Blowin’ in the Wind, the Fundraiser and Vince Emanuele’s tour are all proudly organised by the Australian activist group WACA



Blowin’ in the Wind examines the secret treaty that allows the US military to train and test its weaponry on Australian soil. It looks at the impact of recycled uranium weapons and the far-reaching physical and moral effects on every Australian. The film’s release has been timely as the government currently moves to approve more uranium mines while arguing the contrary – that by going nuclear we are being both ‘safe’ and ‘green’.

Blowin’ In The Wind reveals that Iraqi babies are now being born with major birth defects. Bradbury wonders whether Australians living downwind from the military testing ranges will be next. He argues that we were lied to by the British over the Woomera and Maralinga atomic tests. Can we trust another equally powerful partner in our ‘war on terror’? With a cash budget of just $12,000 Blowin’ In The Wind raises pertinent questions which cannot be ignored by the Australian public. The film shocked, angered and surprised large audiences when shown at the Sydney and Brisbane Film Festivals.


This is a film that very much wanted to find me. I tried to fend it off, exhausted from making environmental and political films on shoestring budgets that told hard truths to my fellow Australians that they needed to hear but preferred to ignore. In today’s climate of self censorship, and public broadcasters who fear that their political masters in Canberra will still further cut their budgets if they support these sorts of films, fellow filmmaker Peter Scott and I pushed on regardless. With a hard cash budget of $12,000 and a beg, borrow or make do philosophy…and a lot of favours, we’ve pulled together this doco I know you’ll never see on ‘your ABC’. The picture it paints and the consequences for us all if we don’t raise our protest loud and long to this new military alliance with the United States is too devastating to ignore.

The Paddy McGuinness’s, the Gerard Henderson’s and Greg Sheridan’s of this world with their sycophantic attitudes towards their media masters and ruling class elite will have a field day in attempting to put this film down, to write it off as ‘propaganda’, typical anti-American sentiment with no substance. It’s time for all of us to draw a line in the sand, to acknowledge whether we are in fact happy to be the 51st state of America.

More than ever, it’s time for us all to stand up and be counted for the decency and genuine moral values of what I believed as a kid it meant to be ‘a fair dinkum’ Australian. Not a false, jingoistic patriotism that is built on fear, that justifies war crimes in the name of the so-called War on Terror. Rather, I embrace a healthy nationalism that acknowledges who we are as Australians with compassion for the underdog and giving everyone a fair go. In a humble but sincere way, I hope this film made with a lot of heart and commitment can play a small but important role in galvanising a lot of us to do just that. is the site to visit for action ideas of what you can do to stop this nuclear madness! Go there to get involved… and tell your friends.

Purchase Blowin’ in the Wind DVD online

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Citizens may take action over rough treatment in Victorian Parliament

ALP MP Gavin Jennings has condemned the clearing of the Gallery in the Victorian Parliament last week, during the Summary Offences Act debate. He immediately entered a statement into Hansard (p53), that he had only on seldom occasions heard chortling or clapping, so the representation of the leader of government, that “dangerous and provocative behaviour” had led to the order for the Gallery to be cleared by the acting President, was a misrepresentation of the facts. Two men and two women said they wanted to stay and hear all of the debate, assuming they’d done nothing to warrant eviction, but a 30-man special task force was called in, with guns and tasers, to force them out.

Sean Bedlam is dragged by the neck out of Parliament

Police denied their request to discuss the matter with the Speaker of the House, and proceeded to remove the four members of the public in an excessively rough manner. One woman of slender build was flung into a bench; a man had his neck bent so far backward, it was feared it would break; and another woman was stomped on, before being dragged downstairs backwards, with no support for her lower body.

Samantha Castro was one of the people who were subjected to this excessive and dangerous use of force. She has a much larger bruise on the back of her arm, “footprint” bruises to her thigh and lower back, a bruised pelvis, and an inflamed elbow. She and her fellow victims, Karen Cochrane, Sean Bedlam and Sean McNamara sought counsel from a lawyer yesterday. Medical reports, and the testimony of two MPs add likelihood to charges being laid.

Hansard reveals that the public had been well-behaved for a long time, until a series of highly abusive remarks were delivered towards them, by Liberal MP Bernie Finn. Mr Finn called them “thugs”, “ferals” and “bludgers”, possibly after recognising a few people who had disturbed his right-to-lifers’ ‘March for the Babies’ event last year, by banging on pots and pans. Mr Finn’s provocative language clearly had the effect of unsettling the public, and raising tensions within the House.

Liberal MP Bernie Finn: Abuse of power to intimidate Pro-Choice activists?


“DON’T GIVE IT OXYGEN!” – The Rise of Unscientific Journalism


The following article was written prior to the removal of Robyn Irene’s The Betrayal of Julian’ from the Western Australian newspaper The Stringer. Since Robyn’s article was also published on Indymedia, my reference links are now pointing to that site.

“DON’T GIVE IT OXYGEN!” was temporarily approved for publication by The Stringer’s founder, Gerry Georgatos, but I was advised within the hour, that the newspaper had opted instead to remove Robyn Irene’s ‘The Betrayal of Julian’ .

A shame – and painfully ironic? – that “DON’T GIVE IT OXYGEN!” cannot address the same audience, but I respect Mr Georgatos’ wishes to have “never published ‘The Betrayal of Julian’ in the first place”, for the reasons he stated.

I also appreciate Gerry’s kind advice that I try uploading my article to the other site, Indymedia, where he is apparently a ‘Trusted User’ with publishing rights for his own and other writers’ articles. Robyn Irene may also be an Indymedia ‘Trusted User’, so I would advise her, Gerry or Anonymous (name listed as the publisher of ‘The Betrayal of Julian’) to carefully re-read the Indymedia Editorial Policy:

Newswire articles and/or comments will not be placed on our promoted newswire if they are [among other things] (1) inaccurate: posts that are inaccurate or misleading; (2) from political parties: the newswire is designed to generate a news resource, not a notice-board for political parties; and (3) a personal attack: articles and/or comments that contain abusive language against other activists or site users.” (coughs…)


One should not call accounts of events “slander” unless one knows that it is, from having witnessed the events, or seen evidence that leaves no doubt that the accounts are untrue. Calling truthful accounts slander is a catalyst for the Martha Mitchell Effect, a phenomenon that psychologist Brendan Maher named after Martha Beall Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell was the wife of John Mitchell, Attorney-General in the Nixon administration. When she alleged that White House officials were engaged in illegal activities, her claims were conspiratorially deemed to be the result of mental illness. Ultimately, the facts of the Watergate scandal vindicated her, but the label: “Cassandra of Watergate” was nevertheless slung upon her.

Journalism that guesses whistle-blower accounts to be slander, on no evidence, is likely to have a hidden agenda – shoot the messenger and bury the truth? – but its deepest vice is probably loyalty. When one becomes but an echo of hearsay, one is right up the other end of the spectrum from the scientific journalism of Wikileaks, even when defending the organisation, its political wing, or the behaviour of members. That would surely be the beginning of the end, as would be the suppression of documents…

From Shining the Light, to the Dark Side…

Activist Robyn Irene’s punch-in-the-face, factually imprecise and somewhat whacko article: ‘The Betrayal of Julian’ (Oh those Judases! – and him all naked, but for his crown of thorns…) that was recently given a respectable airing in The Stringer – Independent News, is a good example of whistleblower-bashing and ‘forgetfulness’ to check: “Would my claims stand up in Court?”. The author of the article might also have asked: “Is mention of my friend’s erotic dreams about Julian Assange, the Christ figure, really serving the purpose I want it to?”, and perhaps… “Do I have any EVIDENCE that it was ASIO, and not my Mitty-like meanderings?”.

The publisher’s ABOUT page states:
“The Stringer was founded by media academic and producer Jennifer Kaeshagen and by multi-award winning investigative journalist Gerry Georgatos”.

It doesn’t mention anywhere on The Stringer’s website that Gerry Georgatos was also the WA candidate for the Wilileaks Party in the last Senate Elections. He was, and is likely to run again on April 5th, since the AEC did not permit Julian Assange to stand in WA. It wouldn’t be clear therefore, to many readers, that ‘The Betrayal of Julian’ is favourable copy for both Georgatos’ Party and his Candidacy, even if the hefty personal attack on some of the party’s resignees is obvious.

Gazing upwards, I can see how ‘Robyn Irene’, as sanitising agent, would be attractive. Her romantic, narrative style and the characters she describes – one of which, in the first person – would also appeal - Ordinary citizen gives testimony of her noble and dangerous adventure with secret agents! It’s all a bit ‘True Lies’ but perfect for drawing supporters into the story. I’m saddened that a multi-award winning investigative journalist involved with Wikileaks would let such pulp fiction through the door.

But soft, what light through yonder Windows breaks?

I don’t expect anyone to do anything about Robyn Irene’s hack-attack, especially WACA, who have more significant battles to fight, but as a matter of courtesy and good form, The Betrayal of Julian’ begs some response, in defence of a number of people’s GOOD faith, and respect for the whole truth… Amen. Rest assured, that there will be no Biblical dream sequences or contagious paranoia, but I’ll be damned if I think this baby will be given any oxygen by Nurse Irene.

Robyn Irene – aka Robyn Connell Jackson – in her thesis on betrayal – sets out with a critique of a recently published chronicle called ‘Ghosting’ by Andrew O’Hagan (ghost writer for Julian Assange’s unauthorised biography). You’d never know, because she fails to mention the title of O’Hagan’s work, and just refers to it as “his piece”. That’s a typical supporter strategy – “Don’t give it oxygen!” – but how the editorial staff of The Stringer did not pick up on the absence of a title to a work Jackson is describing, I do not know…

Another ‘betrayal of Julian’ is cited. This one is within the context of the Wikileaks Party election campaign. Well on topic for ‘suppression of documents’, but with a cached message: “Don’t bother looking. There’s absolutely nothing to see here!” – Jackson chooses to mention leaked emails that “prove something everybody knew already…”. Circling angrily around the “drama” that caused the WLP mass resignations, she never says what the actual drama was. No mention either of interviews that readers could consult, or of leaked phone recordings – one of which a certain blogger, “Educated Class” was complaining about a while back, to ex Wikileaks Party Office-bearer David Haidon.

We have heard extracts of that recording; and of another, between John Noble Shipton, father of Julian Assange, & WACA, two women who founded the Wikileaks Australian Citizen’s Alliance, and sat on the Wikileaks Party’s National Council last year. Jackson attacks WACA, exactly in the manner as the attack-site Rixstep did within hours of the women’s resignations, for their apparent role in the WLP’s failure in last year’s Senate elections. It would seem that Jackson remains ignorant of, or hasn’t ‘given oxygen’ to the recordings of phone conversations on the day of the resignations, wherein one can hear the Party’s CEO John Shipton proposing, in no uncertain terms, that WACA resign if they won’t ‘wear’ an ‘administrative error’ scenario, to explain what happened to the WLP’s NSW preferences.

Shipton was aware by that time that the NSW preferences had been ‘tweaked’ by a small number of people, unbeknownst to most of the National Council, but it seems he wanted to avoid a disaster in divulging that. Had he considered the gravity of the ultimatum he was giving to WACA, or was it delivered in exhasperation? Had he anticipated how people from an organisation that supports whistle-blowing and aspires to Truth, Transparency and Justice [WACA's motto] would feel, as Party representatives, surpressing information and propagating a story the wife will believe – or not…? The call Shipton made in that moment was possibly the greater of two evils. One pathway – quarantine the problem and apologise to the members and voters, as WACA suggested – might have kept the supporters together and not necessarily lost the election. A ‘Scandal of Pointless Treachery’ [The Shooters & Fishers Party did not reciprocate] would also have made headlines and high-lighted our integrity. The other pathway – bury it – would rip at the very identity of our social bond: shining the light.

And the truth did set them free…

Only extracts of the Shiton-WACA and Shipton-Haiden recordings have been published, as yet, but I’ve heard both in their entirety and can report. First of all, there’s no doubt in my mind that I was listening to the voice of John Noble Shipton, whom I’ve spent a lot of time with since 2011. That the other voices were those of Sam Castro, Karen Cochrane, and David Haidon, has been confirmed to me personally by those people.

Since the integral recordings have not been published, I’ll sum them up, but in enough detail to enlighten the debate. In the first recording, WACA and Shipton are trying to determine for some time, just what the hell had happened with the Party’s Preferences, since what was voted on by the National Council was not what was reported to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). In the course of the discussion, it seems there are things that Shipton was unaware of, regarding the actions of certain key players in the campaign (not WACA) and he sounds distraught by what he is discovering. He also explains to WACA some shit that’s been going down on his end.

Kelly Tranter, 2013 NSW Candidate for the WLP: "An administrative error"

When it’s clear to all parties that the WLP’s National Council has been gesummt in two States, and that WACA know who is responsible – because of a confession and an email trail – the real conflict begins. The women try hard to convince Shipton that the WLP must remain truthful and transparent, at all costs. Shipton’s position is that an Independent Review in the middle of an election campaign is suicidal. One can understand both sides – I felt his fear on the way to talking to the resignees, and their nausea after l arrived. What became clear on hearing the recordings, was that they were diametrically opposed, and that their desired courses of action were mutually exclusive. Robyn is perhaps right in saying it could have been resolved, but Shipton, in the heat of the moment, closed all doors by instructing the women to resign if they would not go his way. I was a close friend of John Shipton, but have to admit that he could have handled that moment better.

On personal experience and direct knowledge.

Robyn Connell Jackson met John Shipton for the first time on September 15th 2012 at the Aboriginal passport ceremony. I was documenting the event, at John’s request, and had asked him to come outside so we could film his ‘arrival’. She appeared out of nowhere, and awkwardly interrupted the recording of his speech to introduce herself. It was also the first time Robyn and I had stood face-to-face, but we knew each other online through the Wikileaks network.

I saw Robyn at one (1) WLP meeting after that and never, at any of our events; all of which I attended. Her claim of “personal experience and direct knowledge” is nil in relation to the Melbourne events that constituted The Wikileaks Party “drama” . Her only personal experience is as detailed above, and the imagined encounter with ‘Mr Brown Overcoat’ in a “busy Sydney cafe”. You know, if I had been The Stringer’s editor, I would have scratched that episode. It reminded me of a crazy bloke who once maintained to me that someone was “standing there watching your house from across the road”. It was a bus stop.

Jackson’s tales of ‘The Faction’ have their origin in hearsay, and are recounted in apparent ignorance of a second body of evidence, recorded shortly before the mass resignations. In that recording, Shipton attempts to charm the Victorian Volunteer Co-ordinator, David Haidon, away from his fellow activists into a smaller group (faction?) that will bypass the authority of the National Council. Stand-up comedian and former WLP Social Media Co-ordinator, Sean Bedlam, reported that he too was a recipient of that proposition. He mentioned that Shipton said he wanted to “tear the women’s faces off”, and that he, as someone who deals in harsh language as a comedian, found that harsh…

Maintaining some perspective…

I went to Melbourne to listen to what these people had to say and let them prove it. One must be even-handed, and in this case, compassionate. They WERE clearly heart-broken, just as Leslie Cannold had said on ‘Lateline’, One cried for two hours on the phone to me. The evidence was presented soon after I arrived. Then and only then did I know that they were telling the truth.

It has been disappointing, to say the least, to see good people parroting a story they haven’t verified, and being leveraged into smearing former friends and allies; great activists whose word and hearts they had come to trust, and with whom they were moving mountains. It’s clear both sides of the WLP schizm would want to save Julian and Wikileaks, if either were threatened, but those who protect the ‘scenario’ are trying to claim that the ‘principled faction’, who resigned rather than bull-shit the Australian people, want to destroy the party AND Wikileaks! According to Rolling Stone, loyalty is valued above all else and garners favour… and of course exposing corruption within the WLP could be damaging to Wikileaks. Everyone has feared that, but Christine Assange’s request to stop attacking/defending each other and concentrate on getting the truth out was only half-heard and barely heeded. No one felt comfortable revealing the whole truth, and others became reluctant to probe for it. Then in the midst of that gridlock, Shipton moved forward with his ‘Independent Review’. “What we already knew” there was confirmed by its author, as a disclaimer. The ‘auditor’ was a Party Member. What we weren’t informed of was that Samantha Castro’s submission to the Review had been suppressed.

Live a lie; die a lie…

The irony and cognitive dissonance was agonising. It drove many away.

Members who hung in there with the Party to “give them a chance to redeem themselves”, later admitted to having blocked their ears completely, in cult-like fashion, to what the “Faction” – Shipton’s challengers – had to say. Others withdrew from the Wikileaks movement completely, and have not come back. We are weaker, because the truth could not be told. It’s tragic for all of us, since there seems to be no question now of going back to the crossroads and taking the more ‘noble’ pathway. From her distant mountain perch, remaining devotee Robyn Connell Jackson parrots a blame game.

Julian Assange admitted and apologised for not ‘being there’ himself. Minutes of meetings that the Party did release, as well as Dan Matthews’ statement, revealed that Julian had only attended one of 13 council meetings – the first, if memory serves. What the leaked emails told us that we DIDN’T know – and Jackson didn’t mention, is that Julian appeared to be unaware his “promise” to Scott Ludlam would be broken in WA by the other last-minute switch.

Why campaign manager Greg Barns, apparently on his own initiative, advised Gerry Georgatos to preference BOTH of the Nationals’ Candidates could be a question that will never be answered…

Assange did some very good things rather than micro-managing his father’s disastrous WLP project. He helped free Edward Snowdon; monitored Chelsea Manning’s trial; and kept a close eye on a mounting crisis in Syria. He also spent a lot of time worrying about and trying to counter the hypothetical effects of the feature film: ‘The Fifth Estate’. Maybe a little less time on that and just one more NC meeting attended – the last one before the Preferences were submitted, for example – and the Party’s faux pas might have been avoided.

In the end, we all support JA and the Wikileaks organisation. Many would also support Assange running in the future as an Independent Candidate in the Senate, working in tandem with Senator Scott Ludlam; to save our souls, our refugees and our planet from the Abbott Government.

The “Don’t Give it Oxygen” style of unscientific journalism that has reached its zenith with evangilists for the WLP, is a kind of succubus that has emerged from the sound body of Wikileaks. O’Hagan’s memoirs would suggest that this demon has always been there, as the dark side of Julian Assange. If this phenomenon is due to the influence and subsequent emergence of his father, then the Darth Vadar image is apt, and the integrity of the organisation in danger of crumbling.

That Julian Assange can’t reveal his own secrets is acceptable, but only in the case where he is doing great ethical hacking – which is possibly, what he should stick to. Going into JTRIG mode – “Destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt” – with friends and allies, in the case of any disagreement, is not going to do it in party politics, either for Luke or Darth.

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Wikileaks Party Independent Review(s)

I was shocked to discover that the Wikileaks Party’s long-awaited, and recently released Independent Review FAILED to mention a hefty submission made by the former Council member and national spokesperson for the WLP, Sam Castro.

For the record, a number of WLP members, including myself, were carbon copied on that submission on 23/09/13. Sam Castro sent it directly to Stuart Bell of Bell Campbell Auditing, after having spoken at length with him on the phone.

Sam related from their first conversation, that Bell, whom she described as a “a very sincere person”, was surprised to hear from her, since he himself had not seen the Review’s Terms of Reference [TORs]. He was more surprised to learn that they were already published on the party website, with his company’s name attached.

In a follow-up email to Bell, Castro confirmed:

“I noted that the TORs on the WLP website, that you had not seen, are so narrow they do not cover what happened prior to or after the GVT submission on Saturday 17th Sept, which obviously does not include the time frame in which the revelation of the corruption and coverup led to our resignations.”

When Castro asked whose communications he was supposed to look at, Bell replied that he could not say, but admitted that no one who had resigned from the Party was on the list of ‘Preference Decision-Makers’, supplied to him by the Party CEO, John Shipton.

NOT a candidate, not 4 National Council Members, not a Social Media Coordinator or a National Volunteer Co-Ordinator, 5 of whom were ‘Preference Decision-Makers’. The communications of the following people were to be ignored: NC members Sam Castro, Kaz Cochrane, Dan Matthews and Luke Pearson and Victorian Candidate Leslie Cannold.

During their first contact, Stuart Bell had openly acknowledged to Castro that he, the ‘independent’ reviewer, was actually a member of the WLP, and an accountant who had already offered his services to the Party – a fact she immediately made public.

This was denied by a senior Party member on Twitter late last year, but has now been admitted by Bell himself – as a disclaimer? – within the ‘Independent’ Review.

Stuart Bell kept very quiet however, about the burying of Sam Castro’s submission. He states:

“The author and/or staff have not had opportunity to personally interview current and former National Council members, except for John Shipton. Cassie Findlay rang on 2 separate occasions and provided substantial information of meetings, conversations and exchange of information between National Council members. Written and verbal submissions were received from the following National Council members:

 John Shipton
 Cassie Findlay
 Greg Barns
 Kellie Tranter
 Gail Malone
 Omar Todd “

Bell does not mention any of his discussions with Sam Castro, or her written submission, which he should have received twice. His lamenting of an “inability or access to all relevant information and WLP personnel.” is a smoke-screen. Bell did interview someone other than John Shipton and is not disclosing this.

Was there a “No Access to Sam Castro” directive issued to the WLP member Stuart Bell of Bell Auditing? Is that what he is really whinging about? Then he should come come clean about that too, because what Bell seems to have collaborated in is a highly biased omission of evidence and the suppression of a witness from an ‘Independent’ Review. Not good, considering the reputation his company has to maintain. I heard Bell did the job pro bono – “for the public good”. One could offer the opinion that the public is better with the whole truth (names redacted where necessary to protect lives…) and with information that is reliable.

Castro also copied me on the final day for submissions, September 29th, when she reluctantly sent her material to/via the Wikileaks Party as well – as per their objectionable ‘filtering’ conditions – just to be sure it would be included!

The author of the Independent Review specifies as “Background” to his report:

“The author was approached by John Shipton, to assess information provided by Preference Decision-Makers and make recommendations”

But despite her extended efforts as a ‘Preference Decision-Maker’ to contribute information to the assessment, the submission of the Party’s former National Spokeswoman was not entered into the public record. Like the minutes of those last meetings, which would have documented what Dan Matthews just reminded us was the final, “binding resolution” of the National Council – it’s apparently shredded wheat…

Yet tagged on to Bell Auditing’s report, presumably by the Wikileaks Party, was an isolated email – a solitary “A” without a sequel – dating from one week before the time-frame specified within their own Terms of Reference.

Its contents give quite the opposite impression of where the National Council stood, but according to Dan Matthews and others who resigned, this position was completely superseded and overturned by majority vote in the week that followed.

Actually there’s another WLP “Uncensored” Review floating round; one that gives a much clearer picture of what happened just before the WLP preferences were submitted. It contains an email thread that was circulated between four people (only) the morning after the National Council’s “binding decision”, and reveals their “tweaks” of the Party’s GVTs. The subject of the email is: “Version 2 tweaked” and the message: “Sorry, more Tweaks coming soon”, but the other Preference Decision-Makers are not copied in on the communications. Even Julian Assange, it would appear, was not copied in on all of the communications regarding preferencing in WA…

The film also leaks phone discussions on the day of the mass resignations. Juicy!

Sam Castro was asked to comment soon after she had read Bell’s review, and replied:

“I’ll have to think for a few days about what course of action I’m going to take, but my immediate reaction is that I hate what they are doing.”

“They”? Who’s left? Looking at the WLP website today, I noticed that another 3 National Council members – Cassie Findlay, Kellie Tranter and Niraj Lal – have left, presumably exiting quietly via the back door… A shame that all of the heroic and tireless “Wiki-women”, bar one, have resigned now from the Party’s executive. Most of them however, including Sam Castro, remain to this day paid up members of the Wikileaks Party.


World Première of John PILGER’s ‘UTOPIA’

Thousands of people from around Australia gathered on the evening of January 17th 2014 at The Block in Redfern, an Aboriginal quarter close to downtown Sydney, for the world premiere of John Pliger’s new film ‘UTOPIA’. The event was graced with the presence of the author and speakers that included Aboriginal Elders and activists. It attracted a broad cross-section of concerned citizens.

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‘UTOPIA’ takes its name from a town located in the heart of the Northern Territory; one that is populated by an Aboriginal community. Ironically, Utopia houses our most disadvantaged Australians, in conditions that are appalling even by third-world standards. The eye disease trachoma, for example, has been successfully eradicated in poor countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Morocco, but not in “rich Australia”, and of course the bottom line is that 1 in 3 Aboriginals is dead by the age of 45. For this reason, Pilger reminds us:

“Australia has been spotted. No Western country has been more repeatedly condemned for the way it has treated its indigenous people, and for its racism, than Australia… It’s the only First World country on a United Nations “Shame List” in which an entirely preventable disease called trachoma has not beaten.”

Neverthess, Pilger stresses in his introductory speech, to a standing ovation:

“This film is about heroes. It is not about victims. It’s about struggle and resistance. It brings together some of the most admirable human beings I have met.”

Pilger contrasts Utopia (the town) with the Canberra suburb of Barton, home of the most advantaged people in the country. Barton, he reminds us, is named after Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, who introduced the infamous White Australia Policy, based on turn-of-the-century eugenicist notions of the superiority of the White Race – particularly of British variety…

Whilst the aim was to exclude non-white immigrants, thus ‘keeping Australia white’, there was absolutely no mention of the country’s non-white indigenous population. They were deemed to be on the inevitable road to extinction. As the official policy, since the Aborigines Protection Act of 1909, was acknowledged as “smoothing the pillow of a dying race”, the “breeding out” of Aboriginal racial characteristics was encouraged.

‘UTOPIA’ opens with an extract from this 1984 interview with Lang Hangcock, father of the mining heiress Gina Rinehart. He seems like a crank, but he’s just reiterating policy:

“I’d dope the water up so that they were sterile and breed themselves out in future, and that would solve the problem.”

Pilger takes issue with the smearing of Aboriginal communities, used by the Howard Government to justify the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act and the implementation of The Intervention. This resulted in Aboriginal people losing control over their affairs, and the way being opened for unchecked exploitation of their lands by mining corporations. The inordinate power of these corporations continues, he asserts, as evidenced by Gina Rinehart’s campaign against the Mining Tax – and its ensuing emasculation…

I reviewed the World Premiere of ‘UTOPIA’ a few hours later on Radio 2RSR:

Shortly after the film was released online, it was hit with a copyright claim and taken down. Hopefully this will be resolved in the near future.

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Check your local Anonymous postings for where to meet on November 5th…
Anonymous Sydney will assemble at Martin Place, 2pm

Million Mask March Australia stands in solidarity with the global collective movement!

Recently, the largest mass gatherings in the history of the world have occurred globally, yet mainstream media has remained silent on this matter. What little has been reported, has been given political spin, and/or largely discredited, and misrepresented.



Each one of us has our own path, but each share the same goal!
A free humanity!

Every being has an in-alienable right to their own ideas and expressions, and censorship of the Internet and Mainstream Media will not be tolerated by the 99%!

In DIRECT NON VIOLENT PEACEFUL RESISTANCE the people of the world wish to restore justice in the rule of law, and stand united in educating and raising awareness against tyrannical ideology, and practices of government agencies and corporations, the organised criminal class.

The power of the people stands against the corrupt corporate actions of the 1%, whom having the combined income of the 99% of humanity, use illegally acquired resources to fund scheming systems that do not benefit humanity as a whole, but have instead indebted the citizens of the world into hunger, wars, poverty, and slavery, while raping and pillaging earth’s natural resources, for the purpose of profiteering.

The purpose of the global Million Mask March is on one hand, to ensure open source social dialogues, free from censorship, helping to inform, educate and raise awareness on a variety of inter-related topics and events that are currently occurring around the globe, and which are being censored by mainstream media, and its corporate agenda.

On the other hand, Anonymous Internet activist culture is no longer confined to a virtual platform and has extended and incorporated performance art into its arsenal on the streets. We wish to familiarise people who have fallen prey to media vilification of dissenters and activists, with the true purpose of Anonymous: peace and unity.

We are not an official organisation! We are a collective and a movement! We are an ‘Idea’ that is freely shared and supported by humanity, whose solidarity lies within Love, Peace, Equality, Freedom and Justice for all!

The Million Mask March will high-light the following injustices that have and are still taking place:

Mainstream Corporate Media, working with its own corporate agendas, censoring and creating media black outs concerning serious world issues that impact the lives of the majority of humanity, the 99%!

Genocide of all indigenous cultures around the globe, whose sacred land we walk on. We stand against the continual white-washing of such history, and the continual injustices indigenous people face today, as voiced by the current movement ‘IDLE NO MORE’!

WAR in all forms from all sanctions! The military industrial complex and its subversive actions, that have no transparency; whose lies and false intelligence serve to protect corrupt corporate government tactics, orchestrated military invasions and sanctions that are killing innocent civilians globally for the purpose of profit, and stealing resources.

The illegal detention and mistreatment of WHISTLE-BLOWERS, such as Chelsea Manning and others who have sought to expose illegal operations.

Banking Cartels and Austerity measures that turn us into debt slaves, while being protected by government bail-outs when they fail.

Inflicted Homelessness, as a direct result of Austerity measures, and crippling debt structures, designed to fail.

Monsanto patenting of nature’s seed banks, attacks on farmers, stealing their lands, manipulation of our foods via G.M.O., chemical technologies and pesticides that are a health hazard and threaten extinction of nature’s plants, foods, and bees.

The N.S.A. and PRISM government programs that spy on citizens globally, taking away all privacy rights via warrant-less searches, and infiltration of the people’s use of the Internet and social media.

Police corruption and brutality! Police now operate in ‘Asymmetrical Policing’, no longer protecting the rights of the people but of corporate interests. They support schemes designed to raise revenue and profits. They engage in the racial profiling of minorities and activists in general, and interfere with the political rights of protestors and movements, by following a corrupt chain of command!

The T.P.P.A, or Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, that takes away people’s rights and powers, by supporting a large variety of controversial topics, related to the aforementioned points, but also, the patenting of medicine and censorship of Internet. It is nothing more than a corporate bill of rights that allows international signatories to hold power over any country, and dictate industry markets according to the 1%

The Coalition’s ‘War on Terror’, and the extended use of the word “Terrorism’, in order to portray and discredit any individual or entity that dissents against government and corporate criminal actions, which are nothing short of terrorist actions themselves! The people have long demanded a real investigation and inquiry into the actions that have been used to justify invasions, wars, and the cultural profiling of dissenters as terrorists.

These are issues a citizen cannot fight alone. These are issues that citizens of every country must battle together, as one unified voice: Anonymous, to save our eco-system; Anonymous, to protect Human Rights; Anonymous, for the rule of law; Anonymous, for UNITY, EQUALITY AND PEACE on Earth.

Join the Million Mask March on November 5th, and let the 1% see just how much they can…


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“Colour My World”

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