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Julian Assange Splendour Forum Address 2011

Signalling the metamorphosis of the Fourth Estate, where we become for the first time, agents and writers of our own history.

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Who is strong, Wikileaks or US?

Elie Wiesel’s words, in response to England, the Vatican, the US and Switzerland’s failing to warn thousands of Hungarian Jews not to board that train for a place called Ausschwitz, just two weeks before the end of the war – “Unmask evil. Name it; where it is and when it is, and don’t give evil a second chance” – were undoubtedly the most motivating influence in Bradley Manning’s decision to denounce what he believed were military crimes. Continue reading

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191 Days Without Charge from WikiLeaks on Vimeo. The High Court appeal hearing takes place on 12-13 July 2011 – IN 4 DAYS TIME. If the court finds against him, Julian Assange’s lawyers will probably try to appeal the decision … Continue reading

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When media becomes unmediated…

London July 2, 2011: Julian Assange and Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek in conversation with Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman. What might have been a confrontation turned into a salute and validation of the unique, “terrorist” role of JA and Wikileaks. [If … Continue reading