191 Days Without Charge from WikiLeaks on Vimeo.

The High Court appeal hearing takes place on 12-13 July 2011 – IN 4 DAYS TIME.

If the court finds against him, Julian Assange’s lawyers will probably try to appeal the decision at a higher instance, the UK Supreme Court. If this action is also rejected, Julian Assange will be sent to Sweden within ten days of the extradition being agreed to by the UK court. Julian Assange may find himself in Sweden by the third week of August.

It is likely that once he is in Sweden, the United States will issue an extradition request for Julian Assange. A US secret grand jury was set up in December 2010 to consider charges against Julian Assange, including espionage. If extradited, he may face the death penalty, torture or other inhumane and degrading treatment, particularly after calls to declare him and WikiLeaks collaborators ’enemy combatants’.

You can donate towards Julian’s defence HERE

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