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Wikileaks Announcements (2) – Frontline Club 10/24/11

Full broadcast at We encourage viewers to watch the entire broadcast! There is a second, very interesting announcement around 1hr 04m 10s. Video streaming by Ustream

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What is the diference between Astro-turfing and Culture Jamming?

Astro-turfing involves the big trying to be little Culture-jamming is the little trying to be big…

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Reality Check… with Noam Chomsky

‎”Fiscal policies such as taxation, rules of corporate governance, deregulation and so on… it does set in motion a viscous cycle, which is getting worse and worse. Walk down the streets in New York and you can see it – … Continue reading

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Greets from Occupy Sydney…

Day 1 “mash-up” video by mkotadia elegantly homes in to the peace, love and savvy…

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Anonymous at Occupy Sydney… nice pic :)

Photo by Dan Jones…

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Occupy Sydney Live

What I discovered from today’s experience (1st day for me, out of The Matrix…) is that Sydney-siders love Anonymous – even the passers-by, who wanted to be photographed with… but had to carry the sign… to relieve my shaking arms… … Continue reading

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Occupy Sydney – Martin Place 2pm Sat. Oct 15 2011

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Assange at Festival of Dangerous Ideas on 7 Second Delay

Live satellite link-up with Julian Assange to full-house at Sydney Opera House for the FODA. Assange talks about Shadow Government, the still-floating Wikileaks boat that is shot with torpedos, and the inevitability of whistle-blowing’s survival. Continue reading

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