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Occupy Sydney Live

What I discovered from today’s experience (1st day for me, out of The Matrix…) is that Sydney-siders love Anonymous – even the passers-by, who wanted to be photographed with… but had to carry the sign… to relieve my shaking arms… … Continue reading

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Assange at Festival of Dangerous Ideas on 7 Second Delay

Live satellite link-up with Julian Assange to full-house at Sydney Opera House for the FODA. Assange talks about Shadow Government, the still-floating Wikileaks boat that is shot with torpedos, and the inevitability of whistle-blowing’s survival. Continue reading

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THING2THING.COM is a collective of Independent Artists and Writers for Wikileaks and Freedom of Speech. It’s founder CaTV demonstrates how to post your CITIZEN JOURNALISM on this, or any other WordPress site. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity … Continue reading

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I hev translated ze title!

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“WikiLeaks and Freedom of Speech” Event – Feb 4th 2011

Live to Federation Square, Melbourne Speakers: Julian Assange – via videolink Jennifer Robinson – Assange’s UK lawyer Adam Bandt – Federal MP for Melbourne Chris Mitchell – Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance Peter Gordon – Melbourne solicitor Lizzie O’Shea – Melbourne … Continue reading

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Juice Media News – Rising Stars on YouTube

After being suitably impressed with recent emissions, I looked more deeply into thejuicemedia’s Channel on YouTube. The off-beat, musical, current affairs series they call Juice Media News, is written and created by Hugo Farrant (in the role of Rap News anchorman, … Continue reading

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No Secrets about Collateral Murder

A first-hand report on the making of “Collateral Murder” by The New Yorker’s reporter Raffi Khatchadourian, with a wide-ranging backgrounder on Assange and Wikileaks. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/06/07/100607fa_fact_khatchadourian#ixzz19n1GUouS “He had come to understand the defining human struggle not as left versus right, or faith versus … Continue reading

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Buy One – Get One Free!

This beautiful Wikileaks designer garment features a US Critical Foreign Dependencies motif and “nothing up my sleeve” transparency. Become an instant citizen-journalist and wear it with pride on World Press Freedom Day… For every shirt you buy, we offer one absolutely … Continue reading

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Digital Anarchy and Wikileaks

Patrick Lichty, assistant professor of Media Theory at the Columbia College in Chicago talks about Antonio Negri’s conception of cognitive capital as locus of power, that now asymmetrically challenges that of material capital. Continue reading

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“Step away from the sack!”

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