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BRADLEY MANNING at the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras Festival

Rehearsals for the Bradley Manning Mardi Gras float went well today, despite the intemperate conditions. The date is March 2nd; the place is Sydney; and it’s not too late to join in the fun! Continue reading

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Best of Wikileaks 2012

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Jemima Khan Jumps on the Anti-Assange Bandwagon

Kahn does not acknowledge that from the beginning the police COMPLETELY IGNORED due process in this case. The two women AA and SW were interviewed together when they should have been separated. The interview was not recorded as required for such cases. The written summary of the interview of SW was never signed, so it cannot be used as evidence in any trial. The interview and the charge against Julian was immediately leaked to the press, in violation of Swedish privacy laws.

And later, AA submitted the condom allegedly used by Julian Assange which, when tested, contained no chromosomal DNA; indicating that it had never been used in a sexual act. It did show evidence however, of having been torn by a fingernail. Submitting false evidence is a crime, even in Sweden. Continue reading

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