DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? with Julian Burnside, QC

DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? – with Julian BURNSIDE AO QC from CaTV on Vimeo.

“There is no offence involved in publishing ["Collateral Murder" & Cablegate] on Wikileaks, no matter that it was obtained improperly. There is no offence involved in publishing it in the New York Times, the London Times, the Sydney Morning Herald or any other press outlet, for the same reason. Even though the original source may have been illegal, re-publishing it is NOT illegal. That was established in the United States Supreme Court in the 1970s in the Daniel Ellsberg case concerning The Pentagon Papers.”

Julian William Kennedy Burnside AO QC (born 9 June 1949) is an Australian barrister, human rights and refugee advocate, and author. He is known for his staunch opposition to the mandatory detention of asylum seekers, and has provided legal counsel in a wide array of high-profile cases.

He was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2009, “for service as a human rights advocate, particularly for refugees and asylum seekers, to the arts as a patron and fundraiser, and to the law.”

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