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Parrot or Perish?

The internet, and specifically citizen-generated media has now made the flow of information impossible to control, and official narratives are being ruptured at the seams by “insider threat” whistle-blowing and fearless independent investigative journalism. Pressure has come down on career journalists to ‘parrot or perish’… Continue reading

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Cutting the Clap-Trap on Russian Hacking: a Forensic Incision

James Clapper, the former director of US national intelligence, is still frequently called upon for commentary on Russian hacking. For those who recall, Clapper is the man who ‘confirmed’ there were WMDs in Iraq (as did Rumsfeld, Cheney/Bush, Robert Mueller and others). He is also the man who claimed under oath that the US did not “wittingly” spy on all its citizens, which Edward Snowden later proved to be another lie. Continue reading

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Anonymous – Race for Human Redemption

Definitely the best analysis yet of Anonymous from Nozomi Hayase, who is a contributing writer to Culture Unplugged and global citizen blogger at Journaling Between Worlds. She brings out deeper dimensions of socio-cultural events at the intersection between politics and psyche, … Continue reading

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