March to Canberra with Christine Assange – Nov 17th

Good luck Christine...

While US President Barack Obama is addressing the Australian parliament, Christine Assange will be on the lawns with anti-war protesters opposing the Australia-US alliance.

Sydney’s STOP THE WAR COALITION are hiring a bus that will leave Sydney at 7am on Thursday morning (meeting time is 6.30am) to arrive in Canberra at 10.30am and return in the evening of the same day. The cost will be $30-$40. Contact details here. The group will protest against the proposed joint operation of military bases in Australia, attacks on WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, and the US government’s persecution and torture of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower, Bradley Manning.”

Linking up onsite with a number of other groups, they will “join the movement of the 99% opposing wars for the 1%”.

Mrs Assange specifically wishes to question what she calls “arse-covering” by the Australian government for the US, in respect to WikiLeaks. She claims that for the sake of the US alliance, it has failed in its obligations to an Australian citizen.

“In my opinion we have become nothing more than a franchise of the US and Julia Gillard has traded my son for her position as prime minister … I’m going right to where the buck stops, which is Canberra, and I’ll be talking to people about this case.”
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Strong words, but Julian could be in a Swedish jail by Christmas, and a Grand Jury indictment for US extradition issued at any moment after that. The US and Sweden have gotten around European Law (which would normally give Britain the right to object) by creating a “Temporary Surrender” treaty, essentially permitting Sweden to “lend” Assange secretly and quickly to the United States – even before he’s been tried in Sweden!

John Pilger tells us in his article ‘The Smearing of a Revolution’ that some members of the British judiciary are amazed at how this affair is somewhat oddly but  inevitably proceeding:

“At the appeal hearing in July, Ben Emmerson QC, counsel for the defence, described the whole saga as “crazy”. Sweden’s chief prosecutor had dismissed the original arrest warrant, saying there was no case for Assange to answer. Both women involved said they had consented to have sex. On the facts alleged, no crime would have been committed in Britain.” [either]

User MEJ at makes a good point for someone who doesn’t give a shit:

“It would be a mistake for USA to take Assange now. There is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube, and all we would do is make ourselves look even worse than we already have (which is saying something). Assange’s organization is already seriously split apart and he is dissed in many quarters, not just D.C.. If we try him in the USA it will probably be in a secret court and there will be huge publicity in the blogosphere and he will turn into a martyr for the revolution.”

Oh yes. Give up Dorothy, we do implore you, while sensing that Assange is more likely to go through that very process and find himself in a similar hell hole to Bradley Manning, where visions of Twin Chairs come to mind… Pilger’s description of the legal climate in Virginia does nothing but add to that sinking feeling of inevitability:

“The grand jury is a “fix”, a leading legal expert told me: reminiscent of the all-white juries in the South that convicted black people by rote. A sealed indictment is believed to exist.”

Oh Shit!








Christine Assange said her son could get an unfair trial in Sweden, where there are “provisions for incommunicado detention and secret trial”.
The website points out that Assange, even if not charged or acquitted, could be nevertheless looking at a year in solitary confinement, simply awaiting a decision. That’s a torturously long time to “wait-and-see” if a US extradition order arrives…

If extradited [to Sweden], Assange’s lawyers affirm that he will be:

- held in prison in solitary confinement when he is returned, despite not having been charged (likely to spend up to a year in custody). There is no time limit to detention in Sweden.

- There is no bail system, so he would remain in detention indefinitely.

- If there is a charge and a trial, it will be held in secret.

- He will not be judged by an ’independent and impartial tribunal’, a fundamental requirement under the European Convention of Human Rights (article 6.1). Three out of the four judges are lay judges, who have been appointed by political parties and have no formal legal training (see Lay Judges).

- The Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny, has not given Julian Assange or his lawyers information on the allegations against him in writing, which violates the Swedish Code of Procedure (RB 23:18) and the European Convention of Human Rights (article 5), and the EU Fundamental Charter on Human Rights.

- There has been political interference with the Prime Minister’s statements to the Swedish Parliament during the trial (see Political Interference, and constant press attention has been given to the complainants’ lawyer (see Media climate in Sweden).

- The bilateral agreement between the United States and Sweden allows Julian Assange to be extradited to the US as soon as he arrives in Sweden (see section on US extradition). Under US custody, Julian Assange risks kidnapping, torture, and execution.

And if that seems like a bit of an exaggeration, listen to Former British Ambassador Craig Murray talk about the UK and USA sending prisoners to Uzbekistan to be tortured, in order to generate FALSE intelligence:

It would seem that very, very soon, the whole world will NOT be watching any more… Julian Assange is about to disappear. And if the “Temporary Surrender” process is secret, it will have already happened before the world even hears about it.

Christine Assange describes the process as:
“…a program of illegal abductions, under which thousands of mostly innocent people were tortured by the CIA in secret “black sites” all over the world or sent to pro-US dictatorships to be tortured under CIA supervision.”

One wonders if she will stand Buckley’s chance of asking President Obama how he will follow through on his election promise to end this practice, given that he has so far pursued more whistleblowers than any of his predecessors.

What Mrs Assange wants is fairly simple; that her son be permitted to answer Swedish Prosecutor Marianne Ny’s questions from the Swedish Embassy in London. It is equipped, and well practiced in setting up telecommunications for this purpose. The Prosecutor has always had this option, but refused to use it, and refused to explain why. She might feel obliged to be slightly more co-operative if our Prime Minister asked her, on our behalf, to extend Julian this small courtesy. It’s a maddening thought to consider, that eventually, because Ms Ny won’t Skype, Julian has to wait in solitary confinement for a year until his name is called. After all, this is still “Much Ado About NOTHING” criminally speaking.

Barrack for Julian and not Obama on November 17th, and join Christine on her journey to Canberra, where she will attempt to avoid pointless imprisonment for Julian and clear this matter up quickly. We must not tolerate indefinite imprisonment, pending decisions on whether someone is to be imprisoned or not. That amounts to letting punishment precede justice. Good luck Christine. Your efforts may also help sensitise Ms Gillard to the similar plight of our refugee detainees.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting...

Craig Murray’s revelations in Part 2 of the video you have seen above complete this picture in a most surprising and alarming way, while pointing to a causal factor that is just as apparently innocuous as a Swedish Prosecutor refusing to Skype – insouciance, or as the French would actually call it “nombrilisme” (being aware or concerned about little more than your belly-button). In a way, it’s a human condition that must precede the looking after of Number 1, and by default, the looking after of Mr 1%, since we can never really get HIM out of our lives… Deploring the banality of evil, Mr. Murray states:

Our legal advisors had decided that under the the UN’s Convention against torture, it is not illegal to obtain or use intelligence gained from torture, as long as we didn’t do the torture ourselves. I just couldn’t believe this! He was a nice man… Sir Michael Wood… and I thought how can someone?? – YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT CHILDREN BEING TORTURED IN FRONT OF THEIR PARENTS, and you’re saying: “Well I don’t think Clause 4 quite covers it, given this particular legal meaning of the word “COMPLICITY”.

72747954 Letter Gareth Peirce to Minister Rudd

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2 Responses to March to Canberra with Christine Assange – Nov 17th

  1. Tatyana says:

    To win this battle on most lawful way Julian Assange need to learn first why all persons of one STATE are ward of the state, and that their status within the STATE is regulated through the TRUST and how is regulated through the TRUST and that he will win once he learan how to take the control of that TRUST
    .there are two maiunn trusts that he need to be aware of. first trust is the LIVE BORN RECORD created and signed by his parents and hence is his property and second ceweated and signed by the government and of which document government is the owner and beneficairy. The Monopoly ball game around these two trust is huge and one need to be familiar with this game if wish to became free and to start to give orders to Government and its officials what they need to do for our real benefit.
    open these links on youtube: Jordan Maxwell on Occult Law Property
    Kent Hovind redeeming the strawmen to learn about hierarchy who controls who?
    these are the best links: Dean Clifford Make It Simple Full Length Presentation.
    Dean Clifford and Max Egan and after that listen all from : Frank O Collins talk shoe and watch all his youtube videos. watch this link to start to learn who is controlling us since 13 century.: Frank O’Collins-Western Roman Law Pt.1/4.mp4
    who is in a hurry he moves on time!!!
    good luck
    All Rights reserved, none wavered !
    Rights abused are still rights!

  2. Tatyana says:

    little correction
    There are two main trusts that JUlian Assange need to be aware of. First trust is the LIVE BORN RECORD created and signed by his parents and hence is his property and of this document Julian is beneficiary and boss to the government , and second document the BIRTH CERTIFICATE on which is used by government, Julians CAPITOL LETTER NAME – copied from Julian Assange LIVE BORN RECORD . Birth Certificate is created and signed by the government and hence gov. is assuming to be the owner of this document and as well to be a beneficiary (untill Julian lern how to break this assumption) .To learn about these trusts and that each trust look like triangle, on one corner is beneficiary , on the scond corner is the trustee and on the third corner is executor of the trust, Dean Cliford is master to explain this TRUST tricky game and frank O Collins as well he is the master to teach us how to create official document and to take the control over our CAPITOL LETTER name TRUSTS.
    Tatyana R.
    All rights reserved, none wavered
    Tights abused are still rights!

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