Cameron’s cockney looters don’t realise they’ll be paying for it later…

This hilarious, well-produced sketch from MOTHERS BEST CHILD portrays a couple of typically cockney “cheeky chappies” looting the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street.

The comedy team is comprised of Guy Davidson, Danny Clarke, and “friends”, and they offer plenty more to make us think while laughing on their YouTube channel and blogspot:

What’s even “funnier” is that according to the Riot (Damages) Act of 1886, it’s the Police Department that is liable to compensate, whether victims have personal insurance or not.
In view of the amplitude of the damages, and how it doesn’t look like they will be able to extract the funds from the perps they have caught, Treasury may have to step in to prevent the Met from becoming bankrupt.

We are wondering when the “Riot Tax” will appear, and who in fact will have the last laugh. A shame the original cry for help from an oppressed and financially disadvantaged community was not heard. It’s going to cost a lot more now…

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