The Battleship Monsanto

Money makes the world go warm;
The planet’s getting angry.
Laboratories have drawn the blind.
The rats are always hungry…

Monsanto rules the waves tomorrow,
Unless we sink her ship.
Stop burning crops for Woolworths,
And let Organic rip!

Fight for what is right, not law,
And think to answer NO.
The Mother Ship is now at risk,
As bad seeds start to blow.

Tomorrow doesn’t last forever.
Just one lifespan ahead!
A miracle, to get it right,
Or everything is dead.

Unite all nations in one quest.
Forget the money wars.
Listen to Anonymous,
Alert us to the cause

To stop pollution of our home.
To stop eternal night.
To stop the man who tries to say,
That what is rich is right.

To stop the cursed borders
Between rich and poisoned poor.
To stop the luxury items,
Like Wall Street and its whores

For only can we live UNITED,
All in the same boat ;)
Against Battleship Monsanto.
If it sinks, we’ll stay afloat!

Abort miscegenation..
Close the sterile fuckteries down!
And we’ll manage… in a natural way,
To turn Nature around

Turn Nature around daddy…
You’ve turned Nature down

Music CaTV

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Artist, musician, nerd
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5 Responses to The Battleship Monsanto

  1. Barack Obama says:

    We have a moral obligation to our children and future generations to rid our farms of Monsanto’s FrankenSeeds™ – so please, BURN Monsatan’s GMO Crops™ to the ground at every opportunity. Don’t expect the USDA to help us fight against these ecocidal profiteers; our government agencies have been hijacked by corporate fascists like Monsanto. They’ve rigged the game and changed the laws to suit their corporate agendas.

    • CaTV says:

      We’ve worshipped the gold; we’ve praised the FrankenSeeds; now lets turn the fucking spotlight on so that we can see ourselves in the Mirror!

  2. maria says:


  3. Old Bushy says:

    Ever since WW2 this invasive deceitful crowd has been deceiving the pastoralists, the farmers, + the public through its evasive replies that seem to be unable to comply with our laws and common sense. They have done away with Guano used as fertilisers and replaced it with munitions (PNK) that have poisoned both our lands and our peoples.
    And now these mongrel bastards are taking away our cereals and replacing every seed with their concocted abortions that are infertile and poisonous to our bees; yes, they that fertilise our crops are being devestated by these GM crops, and they in turn are sterilisind all our other crops. We have to consume much of this as the staple “Bread”. And how many years down the track are we all to be sterilised by these actions. Monsanto is basically about Population Control and Fratricide.

  4. CaTV says:

    Thanks OB for your insights. We learn more every day, every year about what a mess they have created, the worst part being the self-replicating mess…

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