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A humorous remix of the catastrophic presentation that got DDB evicted from the prestigious Chaos Computer Club. We begin with a flashback to December 2010 when he announced on CNN that it was opening “tonight, or within the next couple of days”, and then zap forward 10 months to the CCC summer camp, where he announces it will be coming online (but still isn’t) for a dubious penetration test by the audience (since they will not be allowed at any point to look at the code)…

Days later, Daniel Domscheit-Berg would delete 3500 documents that he had taken with the Wikileaks Drop Box when he left the organisation in 2010. They allegedly included evidence of Human Rights abuse in Latin America, 5GB of data on Bank of America and the US’s No-Fly list. Not so funny…
The definitive back story to this saga can be read in Rixstep’s

Timeline: Daniel Domscheit-Berg

A history of Daniel Schmitt/Domscheit-Berg and WikiLeaks.

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