Visit the Aboriginal Embassy in Sydney

I caught up with Jenny Munro, Wirajuri Elder, and her friend Judex at the new Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Redfern, near Sydney. She extended an invitation to one and all, to visit and camp around the Embassy, on the condition that Aboriginal protocols and camp rules are respected while on the grounds. And grounds they are for visiting, given their “million dollar view” of the city.

That of course is part of the reason Aboriginal people have been struggling to remain on the ‘The Block’, whose name may be familiar from the TV Series made about it. It is probably little known however that no Aboriginals have lived there for a long time. There were plans to build low-cost accommodation for Aboriginal people on this site, but they seem to have been thwarted. Many families were moved elsewhere while this was being done, but it’s now looking that they will have to struggle to get back in.

This community needs people power and good will. In return, it offers warm hospitality and a unique cultural experience. After a week at the Canberra Tent Embassy, I personally, didn’t want to leave…

Jenny Munro, Wirajura Elder and voice of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Redfern

The Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy is located just across the road from Redfern railway station. The best time to arrive is for JULY 6th, where there will be talks and activities around the subject of returning Aboriginal people to their neighbourhood.

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  1. Graham Mooney says:

    Dear Jenny and Lyle, I have been battling away on my own over the Glebe Police and white bigots and racists trying to intimidate and harrasse as many black people as possible in Glebe including myself until I announced to them that I set up my own Advocay Agent to help black men record the actions of these racist attutides deeply embedded into their mindset and am currentily writing on this issue. At some point in this process I may have to set up a protest and draw media attention to this Cause. At the moment I am going through the system to inform this of this matter and to get rid of the white racissts that live in Glebe and have been causing such pain on Aboriiginal families and particularly against the younger people in this community both white and black. I am going to invite you to speak at this rally if it comes from push to shove. I’m sick and tired of dealing with white bureaucrat and Abacrats on these Causes and nothing is done to protect these young adults. I will keep you informed as it progresses. The Redfern Tent Embassey is truly a “light house” and “Might House” for us at the grass roots of the community to have hope and security in around Redfern and the Inner West for us to tap into for support. I see the Redfern Tent Embassy in a total different role for us than those who criticise and cause havoc. Talk the tok and Walk the wake for this struggle
    of inequality I see in Glebe with Police and some white residents. This one white women has gotten rid of that many Aboriginal people in Glebe and I have accused Glebe Police of protecting her complusive liars. She is written on the NSW Housing Company in that light and shown to me when I took her to task before. The Glebe Police know that i will not stand her nonsense and the Police nonsense. Kind regards for the work that you do. Graham

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