YouTube to take down The People’s News Network

Leakspinner reports that YouTube may take down The People’s News Network channel tonight, because some people have been flagging the content as “Inappropriate”:

If it goes offline, here is a link to the backup – for however long that will last…

Leakspinner's The People's News Network
“The content of this channel is dedicated to the Universal Struggle for freedom and
democracy faced by many throughout the world. My aim is to present you
with a
variety of subjects relating to Governmental corruption and reports from those
who strive for freedom. It is my hope that the material
presented throughout this
channel will in some small way,
offer a voice to those who for many years, have
been violently denied the basic Democratic
right to peace and justice.”

Surely News and political content should not be allowed to be voted “inappropriate” (whatever that means for the few it takes to click on the button) and then censored. No one has to watch it, but people MUST be able to tell it, and without a media hub such as Leakspinner’s, the cries for help from peaceful people in The Middle East would not have been heard.
But it would appear that the attack on such channels as The People’s News Network is two-pronged. Says Leakspinner:

“Many Corporate News stations are putting Copyright (!) on the video’s they are being sent. As a result several people have had their account deleted for copyright infringement by YouTube. Can you believe this shit? I’ve had to take video’s down in order to keep going. It’s a fucking outrage.”

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