Juice Media Rap News 9 – The Economy

We are currently digesting this morning’s delicious breakfast item, Australian-made Juice Media. Drink it up! It’s a lemon and fruitcake squash…

Amid accolades on his Facebook wall, co-author and performer extraordinaire, Hugo Farrant made the following statement:

“I’m so delighted to see that Rap News 9 hosted by Robert Foster has hit the only free frequency. The feed back is already flying in on the forums. I’ve got to take this opportunity to give the proper respect to Giordano Nanni on this one. I was WAAAY out of my depth thematically, so that’s all on him, and as you can see, he’s pulled out all the stops production-wise too. He really is an insanely important Academic-Creative asset and I couldn’t be happier to get the chance to work with him in ~TheJuiceMedia Rap News.”

Since our last nod to the Juice Media team in January of this year, production values have continued to soar, while content and delivery maintain the artists’ outstanding reputation for bleeding edge political satire. Farrant’s Credit Cardiac Arresting portrayal of Dr Ron Paul, which easily matches his “extraordinary rendition” of Hilary Clinton, openly articulates the troubling ambiguities behind the man and his policies. Unsurprising that a few of his patient followers are already gasping for breath…

Juice Media squeezes the pips out of the lemon

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