Custody or Bust?

Susan Benn makes it clear from the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Friday why it is important to keep Julian Assange out of custody. It’s not simply because hasn’t been charged with any crime, and the case for the prosecution in Sweden has collapsed with the revelation of false evidence. It’s because he MUST be imprisoned (again) so that the US’s sealed indictment can be opened. It is unlikely that we will be hearing much more of If there is a grand jury” now. The US Department of Justice admitted to Australian ABC journalist Andrew Fowler yesterday, that it has an active investigation against WikiLeaks. What’s next depends on how much people like the guy, and if they’ve got the courage to show it.

Visit, the defence teams website, to discover the shocking facts of this case.

Not many people would have seen this interview with David House last year. The truth has been out about the Grand Jury for a long time but politicians were not allowed to tell it.

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