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Voting has now closed, and as we await the results – predicted one week ago by the bookies, the Murdoch press and, minutes ago, by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as landslide victory for our right-wing Liberal Party – I will take a moment to explain what we intended to do in the Australian Senate. We had realised that the Upper House, which was intended to review and adjudicate on the operations of government – our Lower House – had become more of a House of Deal-Making. Who better, we thought, than Julian Assange and his fellow-candidates to represent us in the Australian Senate; given the Wikileaks’ outstanding international track record, of keeping the bastards honest? God knows we’d tried taking to the streets before the Iraq War, but the man at the top had not heard our voice… Continue reading

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Julian Assange and the Doctrine of Diplomatic Protection

The Australian Government hasn’t exercised the Doctrine of Diplomatic Protection, despite that fact that it has an unquestioned right to assert it. If the Doctrine were applied in the case of Julian Assange, then it is arguable that it can be extended to his case because there is a reasonable fear that he will be extradited to the United States and face torture. Is also arguable that if the Australian Government, having been requested formally to invoke the Doctrine of Diplomatic Protection, rejected that request – depending on the grounds of that rejection – it can be reviewable in the Australian Courts. Continue reading

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