Holding the Line with Cassie Findlay

“I think we can handle the truth and I think those of us who bother to dig a little deeper, deal with the complexities and see past the spin, will find a way to share that truth and make it heard.”

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Sydney archivist Cassie Findlay talks about the global attacks on Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks at “Politics in the Pub”, September 21, 2012.

Archivist Cassie Findlay speaks out for Assange, Manning & Wikileaks

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One Response to Holding the Line with Cassie Findlay

  1. Colin M says:

    Terrific speech Cassie Findlay. Succinct and to the point, raising some very valid questions on the miserable state of global journalism. It’s high time that Julian Assange and Wikileaks be given the respect they deserve as journalists that provide a very valuable service to those citizens that see the true value of keeping an eye on their government, or puppet governments of the great powers like the USA.

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