THING2THING proudly presents THE WIKILEAKS TAPES, a unique historical collection that provides the ideal background for those who want to know more about Wikileaks. Listen and learn from Professor Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Mary Kostakidis, John Pilger, John Hatton AO, Kellie Tranter, Andrew Fowler, Jonathan Holmes, Julian Morrow, Julian (brief appearance) & Christine Assange, John Shipton, Senator Scott Ludlam, Nozomi Hayase & Rap News, Julian Burnside QC, Gary Lord (@jaraparilla), Michael Pierce SC, Spencer Zifcak, Larry Buttrose, Clark Stoeckley, John Penley, Andrew Partos, Gail Malone, Cassie Findley, Antony Loewenstein and Gary Kennedy.

THE WIKILEAKS TAPES - 24 films about the upstart Aussie start-up that changed the world

This dual layer DVD edition assembles the entire ‘Did You Have Any Idea?’ series of interviews and other related films by ‘rampant’ citizen journalist / media artist Cathy Vogan, all on the subject of Wikileaks.

‘The Wikileaks Tapes’ is a labour of love and it was a very unexpected adventure which began the day I met Christine Assange. She had been consulting my blog at and I guess she trusted that I was willing and able to do something strong for Julian. So she asked people to give me the time of day… and I gave it my 110%.” Cathy Vogan

Cathy Vogan - Australian artist and maker of 'The Wikileaks Tapes';

Special thanks to @SomersetBean for the use of his incomparable graphics in the interface design. Running time 300 minutes, good for all DVD zones.

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  1. Colleen Adams says:

    The threat has not improved behaviour, in fact, the behaviour by the US and Australian Governments is “business as usual”. They literally do not care, because the public do not care. I don’t know what the solution to that is, but if a solution is not found, we remain the dumb slaves of politicians and corporations. Shame on Us.

  2. Val Walsh says:

    Do the proceeds go to help Wiki Leaks?

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  4. John Goss says:

    Just love the cheeky smile at the end of the trailer when Julian Morrow says of Wikileaks “it’s got the right people unsettled”. I’m buying this collection.

  5. Kathy Da Silva says:

    Are we to become the Eloi as in HG Wells Time Machine story…he had a lot of you remember the earth’s history stored on ‘spinning discs’. Well…there’s still time to plan before it all ultimately happens…but we do need politicians with stamina and honesty….and most of all courage..Well I’ll happily promote the WikiLeaks Tape…Christmas is coming too.

    • CaTⓋ says:

      In Dan Simmons’s novel “Ilium”, there is another reference to the Eloi. They are technically adept but don’t understand technology; they regress and unlearn millennia of culture, thought and reason, until they are satisfied with the pleasure of merely existing.

      Oh dear…

      Thanks Kathy. Only 65 shopping days left :)

  6. lawgirl says:

    Will DVDs play in EU (UK) region?

  7. Amanda says:

    Hi just wondering whether anyone else is having troubles trying to purchase via PayPal?
    Looking forward to seeing it! Take care all and please continue your important work.

    • CaTⓋ says:

      Hi Amanda, I’ve received a number of orders already via Paypal, but that doesn’t mean that some people are not having issues.
      Can you try again please, and if you continue to have problems, you can contact me by email at
      I’d really like to know what it’s saying if that’s the case!

  8. can these be shipped to UK

    • CaTⓋ says:

      The Wikileaks Tapes can be shipped anywhere in the world. A small global fee has been set, where money is saved for local shipping and to some countries, and made available for others where it costs more.

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