Cathy Vogan talks about her adventures around the world as a citizen journalist and the making of “The Wikileaks Tapes”: 24 films about the organisation that changed the world. Featuring Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Julian Morrow, Mary Kostikidis, John Pilger, Christine Assange, John Shipton, Jonathan Holmes, Andrew Fowler, Julian Brnside QC and many more…

THE WIKILEAKS TAPES - 24 films about the organisation that changed the world

“The WikiLeaks phenomenon has shown us that a new form of journalism is possible. It has also shown just how full of Western corporate propaganda the mainstream media have become. The lengths that Vogan has gone to, as a completely unfunded solo operator, to make such an important contribution to the historical continuum is a case in point that independent citizen journalism is an indispensable tool for speaking the truth.” Colin Mirgis, Green Left Weekly ………………………..READ MORE

I visited Daniel Ellsberg to learn the importance of leaking.

Special thanks to #colmirgo for the interview…

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