The Wikileaks Christmas Party

I’m sure I’ll get to make another film one day called The Wikiparty Christmas Leak… and that will be even more fun. Thanks to Candy Royalle, Buck the Busker, Toby, Jepka & Graham for their outstanding performances. Thanks to Gail and John for hosting, and everyone else for humming along…

Fondness to you Julian at Christmas, and congratulations on a great year of Wikileaks revelations.
The Sydney FoWL xx

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2 Responses to The Wikileaks Christmas Party

  1. christine keavney says:

    Dear Cathy, C’est merveilleuse. Have you sent this to Candy? So glad to hear about
    your ‘escape’ but you and your four legged friend need greener pastures yet. Make
    it happen. Especially love the moment in this video when your four legged rolls about the lawn, either in abandonment to the dejeurner sur l’herbe atmosphere or in disgust at
    our pretensions. Look forward to seeing you soon. Christine.

    • CaTⓋ says:

      Thanks Christine. Yes Picachu tries to steal the show but Candy is a hard act to upstage. I’m not sure how to get in contact with her. Could you forward her the link and my deepest admiration? CaTV

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