TALES OF A CITIZEN JOURNALIST – Part 2: Christine Assange

“The Wikileaks Tapes” is a labour of love and it was a very unexpected adventure which began the day I met Christine Assange. She had been consulting my blog at thing2thing.com and I guess she trusted that I was willing and able to do something strong for Julian. So she asked people to give me the time of day… and I gave it my 110%.

Special thanks to #colmirgo for the interview…

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2 Responses to TALES OF A CITIZEN JOURNALIST – Part 2: Christine Assange

  1. Love THING2THING , Julian Assange, Christine Assange and all whistle blowers.

    • CaTⓋ says:

      Thank You Albert. It means a lot to get that kind of feedback.
      Look out for the T2T NY SPECIAL EDITION – < < Did You Have Any Idea? with Daniel Ellsberg>>
      Brand new and coming soon!

      Fondest, CaTV

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