Would Julian Assange make a good Australian Senator?

Gary Kennedy, Secretary and Treasurer of Hunter Trade Unions – representative of 31 Unions in Australia – says “ABSOLUTELY” to the question: “Would Julian Assange make a good Australian Senator? “

The Australian Wikileaks Party is about to launch, with Julian Assange as its leader and truth & transparency its motto. Sounds great… but isn’t he still “holed up” somewhere in an Ecuadorian Embassy in the middle of London? What a shame, since our polls say that 1 in 4 Aussies would vote for Assange. Is it not time therefore, dear compatriots, for a reality check?

If Australians want Assange as a Senator – and how extraordinary that would be – they will have to “reek havoc” now to get him home… and the sooner the better. In the face of such hostility from our government, and the wanton vilification of Assange’s fair dinkum, award-winning journalism, imagine the hammering that is in store for him as an actual political opponent. It is clear that once that game begins, the msn will be kissing his ass goodbye.

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Maybe Ecuador could help us… by challenging an obstruction of justice that strangely enough, reposes upon the inaction of one person. Yes, if only prosecutor Marianne Ny would go to London and question Assange, we might have our Senator… But how much does that place us in the position of a horse who thinks the man is bigger, and Ecuador as the mouse that roared?

Ecuador may very well have come of age, opened its eyes, and realised both its purpose and place in the world; while we, the mighty Australia stay blinkered, and follow like a self-doubting adolescent in the shadow of Uncle Whoever.

Dream on Australia, or grow up, and make our Australian dream happen. We need a solution to this pseudo-stalemate and we need it now!

Julian Assange for Senator

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6 Responses to Would Julian Assange make a good Australian Senator?

  1. angela dalu says:

    agree with all the above article, we desperately need someone who can be trusted, who will fight against the madness that is going on now. we need justice to be done for people like Shapelle Corby, protection against the greed of pollies and big companies like CSG, open cut coal mines etc. in short someone who will stand for Australia and australian so we can go to the poll confident of the outcome. Go Julian, go for it!

    • Yeah but the truth, is like any politician, the truth according to Julian Assange. He plays fast and loose with the truth at the best of times. There is a reason that Wikipedia is not acknowledged in academic circles.

      He has made a valuable contribution to our culture and has indeed prompted us to question the assumptions of the day and look at our governments with a jaded eye and I for one find this refreshing. However this does not negate the agendas that Julian Assange works with in. He also doesn’t play well with others.

      One second thought maybe he would make a perfect politician!

  2. Anyone happen to watch 4 Corners last night? We don’t elect people to positions of power so they can run their own agendas, we elect them to run the country on our behalf. We want to know what they are doing in that job we elected them to do, and if they are doing things we don’t like, we can sack them.

    Transparency and truthfulness is what makes a good democracy. I believe Julian Assange would make an ideal Australian Senator.

  3. Jason Cox says:

    Would Julian Assange make a good senator?! He would make a great Prime Minister instead thanks!

  4. Denica says:

    Julian Assange has demonstrated his will to lead and has shown his passion for community and the truth. The world would be a better place if we had people in power who actually Had the people in mind! I would ask everyone to support Mr. Assange! :)

  5. Peter Allan says:

    Julian would make an ideal Senator and as a Victorian, he’ll get my vote come 14 September! He has the ‘guts’ and intelligence for the task. He’s not a programmed candidate like the people from the Liberals, Nationals, ALP, Greens etc. All these people are just after votes for political power to maintain the status quo. Julian will challenge all that BS. The Wikileaks Party needs to also look at other States and hopefully have Senators elected there as well. State’s Upper Houses could also be an option in the future, especially in NSW & SA where the quota’s are smaller. These upper houses would return to houses of review as they should be not just a place for major party hacks (especially ALP) and ‘yes’ men & women. Go Julian!!!!

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