‘Saucy Sydney’ MARDI GRAS PARADE for Manning & Assange

The fabulous ‘Saucy Sydney’ Mardi Gras parade for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange

SWACSydney honour Bradley Manning & Julian Assange at The Sydney Mardi Gras Festival

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2 Responses to ‘Saucy Sydney’ MARDI GRAS PARADE for Manning & Assange

  1. Colin M says:

    How much fun was this! Way to much fun!!!
    #FreeBrad #Manning

  2. Ed McC says:

    wonderful… sad that SF doesn’t have the balls of Sydney… they have shamed themselves re SF Pride which now is SF Shame… by making Manning a Marshall and then recinding it along with the most vituperous rant I have ever experienced from a gay organization…Shame on them and thanks Australia!

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