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Guantanamo Blues

Download ‘Guantanamo Blues’ Today Guantanamo Detention Centre is 13 years old, and I just finished making a clip for The Justice Campaign called ‘Guantanamo Blues’. Produced by Dr Aloysia Brooks, wife of the ex-detainee David Hicks, it features the art … Continue reading

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The most likely way out of Gitmo is to die…

What is this hell we call Gitmo? Whose idea was it to detain people there indefinitely without charges? Why can’t even the President of the United States find a way to resolve the plight of at least the 86 men who have been cleared for “immediate” release but are still stuck in the detention camp? What, or who is causing the inertia? Continue reading

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Christmas at DFAT

Even though the forensic exculpatory evidence has been available for well over two years, the British appeal process has excluded the details of the case as irrelevant, and Assange’s defence has had to focus only on the legality of the European Arrest Warrant paperwork. Australian Diplomats continue to advise Julian to “Just go to Sweden” (and hopefully get it over with), while claiming no knowledge of a US Grand Jury, cables they received describing an investigation “unprecedented in scale and nature”, and a sealed indictment that awaits only Asange’s placement in custody – anywhere – to be opened. Continue reading

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